On Friday 15th June, we held our first Green Flag raising ceremony. It was a very proud day for our school as all the children and staff had worked very hard over the last number of years to get this flag. We were very lucky to have a number of invited guests and parents attend the ceremony. The army band also came to play for us in the hall and they were absolutely fantastic. There was over 30 of them !!! We also had a fantastic cake made to celebrate the occasion.

The Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Catriona Jones, also attended the ceremony and Catriona raised our flag for us. The Green Team bought her on a tour of our school and showed her our segregated bins and Green Schools Noticeboard. She also spoke to members of the Green Team about the hard work they has done all year. She then gave a lovely speech to the whole school, praising St Aidan’s students and their achievements both in and out of the classroom.

The next green venture is to work toward the flag for “energy awareness“. Keep up the good work everyone !!!

The Green Team

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17th May, 2012 Athletics 2

St. Aidan’s recently participated in the South Dublin School’s Cross Country series of races. After hearing about the competition, Ms. Sheekey, Ms. Foley, Ms. Maher and Ms. O’Leary decided to start up a running club in the school. They held trials and eventually chose 75 pupils to begin training with the club. The first competition took place on February 23rd in Butler McGee Park beside Tallaght Leisure Centre, with five schools from Tallaght taking part. Each school could only enter 50 pupils in the races, so the teachers had a tough job picking the team. There were no medals or trophies to be won, instead the pupils could win points for their school by finishing in the top ten in their races. This first competition was a huge success with St. Aidan’s coming first in all of the races and most members finishing in the top ten. St. Aidan’s managed to accumulate an impressive total of 243 points, putting them well ahead of the other schools.
The second competition took place four weeks later on March 22nd. Again 50 members of the running team represented St. Aidan’s and were just as impressive. St. Aidan’s won 6 out of the 8 races and once again were the leading school with a total of 223 points. There was great excitement around the school afterwards with lots more children wanting to join the running club. So the teachers held trials again and a few more pupils from each class were chosen, bringing the membership of the club to around 100 children. It was around this time that the running club decided to do some fundraising so that a brand new set of kit could be bought for the runners. Members began to sell raffle tickets for three lovely Easter hampers and thanks to the generosity of St. Aidan’s pupils the kit was designed and ordered without delay.
The third competition on April 19th was no different. Some of the new members were racing for the first time and were a bit nervous but they all ran brilliantly. The other schools had begun to close the gap but St. Aidan’s still managed to hold onto the lead winning 6 races again. This time a total of 232 points was achieved. The level of hard work and effort in training was clearly evident from all of the students.
St. Aidan’s was then invited to take part in the South Dublin Cross Country Finals day. This meant they would be competing against schools from Tallaght, Clondalkin and Lucan – sixteen schools in total. On May 17th a carefully selected group of 50 students arrived at Tallaght Athletics Club. By this time the new kit had arrived and the St. Aidan’s team looked fantastic in their shorts and jerseys with the school name and crest displayed proudly. The day began with the 5th class competition, with St. Aidan’s getting off to a great start in these 500m races. They were followed by the girls and boys from 3rd class who ran extremely well in the 300m, with several impressive performances. Next up were the 4th class runners who had to run a full lap of the 400m track. They did extremely well also with many of the students finishing first in their races. Last up were the 6th class pupils who ran a very impressive 600m. There was some fine talent on display with Sarah Singa and Dean O’Neill winning their races by a very wide margin. With all the class races completed, an extra competition called the “Olympic” race took place. Each school had to select one boy and one girl from 5th class to run in this special race, and Kashifa Morenikeji and Jordan White represented the school superbly. In total St. Aidan’s won first place in 10 races, as well as countless top ten finishings. Every pupil did their bit to help the team, no matter where they finished.
With the results approaching St. Aidan’s were nervous yet hopeful. First of all the overall best girls’ team was announced and it was Aidan’s that took the trophy. As the celebrations erupted they were also announced as overall best boys’ team. St. Aidan’s couldn’t believe their luck and Mr. O’Philbin’s hands were looking a bit full with two large cups to hold! Finally the overall best school of the tournament was announced and yes, it was St. Aidan’s again! The celebrations began and all the students were delighted with the outcome.
This was a great day and a great achievement for all involved in the running club this year. Every member played their part and was a credit to their school. The teachers would like to thank everyone for their hard work and the effort they put in. The pupils would like to thank their classmates for their support and encouragement, and their class teachers for allowing them time out of class to take part in training and competitions. They can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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Ms Donnellan’s class made crazy heads out of recycled materials!

A big thank you to our 4th class helpers! 

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Ms Maher made "fantastic heads!

Thank you Ms Allen for glueing on about a hundred pairs of eyes!

We love art!

It was good fun reusing materials

Ms Sullivan helped us too!

We used recycled material, ribbons, beads, wool and string

These ladies love art too!

Well done Ms Ní Almhain's class for hosting the project

Lets glue this here!

Recycling and reusing materials is fun!

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Up highUp on the balance beamwheee!We all helped too!Caught it!climbing the "Leap of Faith"Across the rope bridgegroup challenge - on the low ropesCan you see me on the balance beam?Can you see me on top of the vertical climb?the climbing wallthe balancing beamTeam challengethe climbing wallthe vertical climb