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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our blog. This is a blog about the hard work we have been doing in Room 7 in the last few months! We have been doing many exciting things. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed!


Mother’s Day Cards:

For Mother’s Day we decided it would be nice to show our wonderful mammies how much we love them! We made cards out of paper and inside them we wrote a nice poem or a message for them. We also made paper flowers with Ms. Adair (our student teacher for the month). We used glitter, different-coloured paper, scissors and glue to make a pretty bouquet of flowers. Our parents were flabbergasted!


image (12) image (13) image (14) image (17)

St. Valentine’s Day:

For Valentine’s Day we made heart cut-outs that spun around when we hung them up. We also made heart-shaped cards.

St. Patrick’s Day:

We did more exciting art for St. Patrick’s Day. We made a pot of gold using balloons and newspaper. This method was called paper maché. It was very messy but great fun!! After the paper was dried, we painted the pots and put chocolate coins inside. “They were yummy, yummy, yummy!” according to Sonny. We read a story about St. Patrick also and learned about his life.


image (21) image (20) image (19) image (18)



Assembly Song:

We practised singing the song ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams in preparation for our performance at Assembly. We loved the song. We sang it every week for about a month. We had to learn all the words but it wasn’t hard because most of us had heard the song on the radio. At assembly, we had to sing in front of all of the 3rd and 4th classes. We felt nervous. Our parents came to see it. Everybody sang the song. Miriame, Justin, Katelyn, Kingdavid, Mary and Michael were picked as clappers. Everybody in the audience clapped along. It was brilliant! We had actions for different parts of the song. Mr McCarthy said he was astonished and gave us a prize each.



Transport Art:

In geography we learned all about the roads of Ireland. We learned about the different types of transport. For an art lesson we designed our own transport vehicles. We brought in boxes of every shape imaginable! We brought toilet rolls, board game boxes, cereal boxes, plastic bottles, egg boxes, toy boxes, milk cartons and much more! We cut, taped, glued and stuck together our boxes to build our very own vehicles. After that we covered our creations in newspaper and painted them. Look how they were made!


image (7) image image (3) image (6) image (11)

Other News:

In early February we had visitors to the school from Spain, Turkey and Italy. Our class practised and performed a traditional Irish Céílí dance for them. The visitors joined in! Everyone had a great time!

Ms. Adair came in for the month of March to help us as an extra teacher. We learned about capacity in maths, we did experiments about light in science using torches, we played tennis in PE, we learned about friendship in SPHE and in music we created the sounds of rain, wind and thunder. We had great fun!

Aladdin: Many of the children in Room 7 went to see the school musical called ‘Aladdin Trouble’ in Jobstown Community Centre on 24th and 25th of March. Kaylee won four tickets to the show as a prize for the best Aladdin poster. We had three children from Room 7 in the show! Kamilat and Miriame were villagers and Kingdavid was a builder! It was funny and fantastic and colourful! We really enjoyed it and were really proud of our 3 classmates.


Thank you for reading, we hope some day that you can visit Room 7 and see lots of exciting stuff happening here!



Luke, Kaylee, Michael, Katelyn, Sonny, Kingdavid, Aoife and Kamilat (Room 7).


Some lucky pupils have been spending Tuesday afternoons riding the friendly horses at Fettercairn Youth Project. They’ve also had to do a little work, such as stable management and treating the horses to their favourite dessert – Apples!

horse1 horse2

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The cast of Aladdin Trouble have been very busy over the past months rehearsing for their upcoming show. The show will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday the 24/25th of March at 7pm in the Jobstown Community Centre. Tickets can be purchased from the school for €5.


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Some 5th class students have been taking part in an origami club after school. This weeks challenge was a tulip…..

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